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5 Easy Halloween Costumes for the Tattooed

You know what tomorrow is, right? Well, if you are within 100 yards of a person under 12, you do. Tomorrow is the high-holy day of candy for the pint-sized set and the excitement is palpable. How about for us older revelers? Halloween has become as much a holiday for "grown-ups" as kids, and now the clock is ticking and you have less than 24 hours to come up with something awesome to wear. Don't cave in and buy that crappy drugstore costume and for Halloween's sake, don't buy that slutty Cookie Monster costume you were eyeing at the party store. You have tattoos, right? Well then let's make those tattoos work for you with these...


5 Tattooed Halloween Costumes

memento movie, guy pearce

1.  That guy from Memento - Even if you don't have a lot of tattoos, this one is a snap. Grab a non-toxic NON-PERMANENT pen and just write all over your damn self. I would personally write, "My car keys are in my jacket pocket" on one arm, and "My jacket is in the spare bedroom down the hall" on the other arm if you are going to a big house party. Don't forget to scrawl, "My costume is that guy from Memento" on your forehead.

2.  Cautionary Tattoo Tale - You already have tattoos and maybe some peircings, so you have already heard questions like, "How about when you are old?" and "Are you a criminal" Why not go with that? Ramp it up by making yourself look like a hot-mess. Show as much ink as you can, wear some ratty duds and augment it with your non-permanent marker. "Mother didn't love me" (circa Raising Arizona) or a "I'm the one you were warned about" on your forehead is a good place to start. Then wrap some of that yellow CAUTION tape around you and you are done!

3.  Zombie Boy - Everyone has seen the awesome photos of Rick Genest AKA "Zombie Boy" - the guy makes the rest of us "tattooed folk" look like quitters. Steal his look by getting one of those nylon flesh-toned body stockings  and go to town with the sharpie. Use face paint to get your mug just right (TONS of how-to's on YouTube) and for one glorious night you will look as rad as Rick does.

4.  Tattooed Circus Lady or Circus Strongman - This is a  classic and all it requires is your willingness to wear pantaloons or a onesie in public. For the ladies, add a parasol and augment your ink with a screaming eagle chest piece. For the fellas sketch on a handle bar mustache and make some balloon "weights"​.

5.  Everyone Else - For years your family (and some friends) have been giving you a hard time about all those tattoos. This Halloween, freak everyone out by looking completely "normal". You will need some Dermablend (industrial strength concealer) and the most boring clothes you can find. Once you look like a respectable member of society, head out to give your friends a shock. Be sure to take a picture for your mother - then you have her holiday gift already in the bag! You're welcome.