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3 Ways to Switch up Your Piercings in 2015

Humans are undeniably creatures of habit. We fall into the same routines and every time January 1st rolls around, we vow to change ourselves in some way, shape, or form. Let’s be honest… change can be a little scary. But more times than not, it ends up with a sigh of relief that we finally took the plunge. Dying our hair, shedding some weight, and buying a new wardrobe are all ways we try to improve ourselves. But have you ever considered body jewelry to boost your confidence? Whether you already have a collection of piercings or you’re new to the nation of body modification, this read should provide three fresh ideas that will help you get the ball rolling on your new self-image.

1. Get a New Piercing

The goal of dropping those 20lbs of holiday weight before bikini season is admirable, but it might take a few months. Give yourself the immediate satisfaction of a new look with a fresh piercing. Whether your mother says you resemble a pin cushion or you only have your ear lobes pierced, a new piercing can be just what you need to start off the New Year right.

You’ve never really done anything like this? So what? Break away from your norm, dare I say… be a rebel. Start off 2015 with the mind-set that you’re willing to try new things. You’ve always wanted that little crystal nose stud or a pretty dangly bellybutton ring, so why not?

For those of us who have already exhausted the majority of our options and are not sure where we can fit another hole, go back to the basics. When it comes to our ears, we often forget we’re not limited to just the lobes. Take the time to research the different locations you can pierce as well as the combinations you can make. You'll find fun new jewelry on our site for ear piercings like the triple forward helix, conch, daith, and tragus. For example, these niobium hearts are great for daith piercings and custom made here in our Hanover facility.  Unique jewelry like this Life Line industrial barbell and Twister Helix Corkscrew can also be purchased on our website.


Triple Forward Helix Heart  daith piercing Zig zag industrial barNiobium heart in daith piercingHelix Spiral Triple Cartilage


2. Hoops vs. Studs

If you’ve had the same crystal nose stud in your face for the last year and half maybe it’s time to switch it up. You would be amazed how much of a difference this can make in your style. Try putting in a segment hoop or a captive bead ring. If you don’t think you’re “edgy” enough to pull that off, there are always other options. Get a nose stud that has a heart, star, or different colored jewel at the end.

Changing your stud to a hoop also applies vice versa. For example, switch the hoop in your lip piercing over to a stainless steel post. Any piercing you have that can hold both styles of body jewelry is up for grabs. Don’t be concerned if you don’t think it’ll look good on you; that contradicts the whole “willingness to change” thing we have going on.


Heart nose stud Nose hoopOpal nose stud Circular barbell in lip piercing Lip ring, skeleton hand Lip ring, stud


3. Change the Tops of your Jewelry (Size & Color)

For those piercings you can’t stick a hoop in, like a Monroe piercing, simply change the gem. As long as you purchase jewelry that has the same internal or external thread pattern and gauge, you’re golden. Any sort of labret stud, bent barbell, tongue ring, etc, is interchangeable. Many people think you have to buy a new post every time you want to change your jewelry, but that’s not the case. Switching up your style is easy when you change colors. Don’t forget about jewel size! If you have a 2.5mm crystal jewel in your Monroe piercing, try switching it up to 4mm opal flat top. A simple size change of 1.5mm can make a world of a difference.


Flat swarvoski derm top Opal gem top colors Multiple gem top chart Star gem top Round gem tops Different gem top colors and sizes


When it comes to body jewelry, the possibilities are endless and will keep you from getting bored with your piercings. Find everything you need on our website! Trying different styles is an easy way to freshen up your appearance. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone! Whether you get a new piercing, switch out a hoop for a stud, or change gems to opals, it’s a good start to a new year, and you have to start somewhere, right?