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Artist Bio profile for JoshS

Josh Sara was born in New Zealand, relocating to Australia where he started tattooing in 2007. He grew up in an artistic family mainly using lead pencils for drawings which shows in his black and grey realistic style of tattooing. Josh’s main goal is to produce realistic black and grey tattoos that stand the test of time. In 2014 Josh attended his first Australian Tattoo Convention and has competed each year since. In 3 years, he has picked up over 40 trophies for his black and grey work. He has also donated both his legs to apprentices, or to who ever wants a crack at tattooing. Now he is covered in goats, goldfish, and your standard game of noughts and crosses.

Josh's Preferred Tatto Suppies:

Spending his days tattooing, Josh is accompanied by his favorite tattooing supplies. He is an avid user of Cheyenne Cartridges, Alla Prima Ink, Electrum Stencil Primer, along with Kwadron Equaliser machines. You can view all of Josh’s recommended supplies here, along with many others.

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