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Artist Bio profile for jordan

Over the past six years Jordan Jones has stationed himself in several different areas around Tennessee and Kentucky for his tattoo career. Almost two years ago he situated himself in Lexington, Kentucky where he is now.

He knew he wanted to be an artist when he was five or six years old. During his senior year in high school all students were given a career project. Jones was allowed to choose the tattoo profession. That was when he discovered he could take his artistry skills and put them into a career in tattooing.

He specializes in warped images and distorted figures. Some of his inspiration comes from a much admired artist of his, Bob Tyrell. Other inspirations are comic books, 90s toys, and Russian and Australian art work.  

The lion head he did early January 2014 became his favorite piece. This free hand piece covered all but a small section of the client’s stomach. It stretches from around the right nipple down below the belly button and over past the sternum. The art work is a display of a masculine full grown male lion face full of rage with outstanding detail in the creases in the nose, amazing detail in the mouth and eyes, and remarkable black and grey shading.

When he’s not working on skin canvas Jones likes to dabble in sculpting clay and pumpkins and fooling around with airbrushing. He is also into painting with acrylics and oils. His favorite is graffiti because that’s what he did before getting into tattoos.  His most recent graffiti piece was done in August 2014 in Danville, Kentucky.  Jones spent a full afternoon putting a completely custom owl mural onto the side of tattoo shop Dream Chasers Tattoos LLC, owned by Daveron Chenault.

Anyone interested in checking out more of his works, following him, or even booking an appointment can find and contact him on Facebook and Instagram at tattoosbyjordan jones. He is a dedicated artist, constantly sets new goals, and never stops striving to be better.