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Artist Bio profile for Javier Guerra

Javier Guerra is a piercing artist who began his passion for body piercing at age 19, which led him to open his first piercing studio, 4Naipes, at age 23. He has attended several workshops and seminars with artists such as Mauricio "Bananas" Torres, Javier Moyas "Fingazz," and Matias Rata Tafel, his primary teacher. He has also been a guest artist at Inked Touch in San Luis Potosí, Mexico with Alejandro "Arte" Salazar. Additionally, Javier has attended five LBP (Latinamérica Body Piercing) opportunities in Mexico City. In 2018, he opened Cuatro Naipes, a tattoo and piercing studio that hosts educational biosafety seminars to promote healthy procedures.

Want to pierce using Javier Guerra’s favorite supplies? Javier favors Precision Piercing Needles, Titanium Body jewelry, and an Anodizer to produce vibrant and colorful jewelry.

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