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Artist Bio profile for Isaac

Isaac Tinajero has always had a love for art. Being raised by a father who was an artist, turned architect, and being inspired by Todd McFarlane, art has always been Isaac's main focus in life. Graffiti, cartoon artwork and of course, comic book artwork, are some of Isaac's favorite to draw and you can see that in his tattooing. Isaac started working with a traditional artist as a mentor, which helped him understand a lot of the fundamentals and knowing the importance of what he does for a living. Isaac has only been tattooing professionally for 4 years, that isn't stopping him from giving the best tattoos he can. He owes a lot of his success this far to his clients, who allow him to push his imagination and make a living doing what he loves.

Isaac's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

To start his tattoo, Isaac uses Stencil Stuff to make sure the transfer goes on crisper, cleaner, and sharper. Isaac is a proud user of Eternal Ink and cannot get enough of his Cheyenne Thunder Machine. And what better cartridges would you use with your Cheyenne Thunder than the Cheyenne Cartridges?

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