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Artist Bio profile for GianKarleCruz

Gian Karle Cruz from Puerto Rico started tattooing in 2010, in 2011 he started his apprenticeship under Angel Villanueva from California. For 2 years they traveled around the US doing as meany conventions as possible learning as much as he could. In 2013 he started working in Juan Papito Lopez shop in Puerto Rico, creating he's clientele and learning from him. After 2 years he decides to travel again doing convention. He opened a private shop in PR and started traveling every month for 15 days. In 2016 he participated in Ink Master Season 8 as the first Puerto Rican representing the island. From 30 artist he positioned himself in second place being the almost Ink Master, but 2nd ain't bad. Know he continues doing conventions and guest spots in the United States hoping next year he open a shop and travel to Europe for conventions with he's wife.

Gian Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Gian is a proud user of Inkjecta machines, along with Goliat Needles for cartridges. His tattoo machines would be useless without the help of his go to Critical power supply. To get some of the best colors for his tattoos, Gian uses Eternal and Dynamic ink. Gian has a very specific tattoo aftercare process that he swears by; Saniderm for the first 4 days, H2Ocean and Recovery for after. Gian is also an avid user of Black Dragon gloves, and the Precision Medical for clean-ups and keeping your tattoo look its best.  You can also find Stencil Stuff and Intenze Cleanse in Gian’s workshop.

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