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Artist Bio profile for Alexander

Alexander Ah Fook, was born and raised on the beautiful island of American Samoa. Alex gained interest in the art of tattooing in 2012, and with the help from a few friends and artists, Alex began his tattoo journey. Now located in Lakewood, WA, Alex continues to learn and grow as a Polynesian tattoo artist while working at The Needle Lounge. The majority of Alex's work is freehand Polynesian Tribal, and sometimes custom lettering. In the near future, Alex plans to travel more, attend more conventions, meet and learn from artists all over the world. Alex's biggest goal is to become one of the greatest Polynesian tattoo artists, and to spread the art and history of Polynesian tattoos. 

Alexander's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

While learning to tattoo, Alex has figured out along the way what does, and does not work best for him with supplies. To really make the Polynesian tattoos stay the solid black, Alex lives by Dynamic Ink. He is also an avid user of Tat-Soul Disposable Grips/Tubes as well as Precision Needles

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