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Artist Bio profile for timothy

Timothy has been tattooing since 2007. His journey began in Kokomo, Indiana where during the day he was working in a factory, and at night he was learning the art of tattooing.  A few apprenticeships left him with the basic skills he needed, but it wasn't until he had a great opportunity to retire from manufacturing and become fully emersed in the tattoo industry when his career really took off. 

Timothy made the transition to New York City where he tattooed and produced artwork digitally, with graphite and colored pencils, and acrylic paint.  His favority medium is oil painting.  He has been featured in a multitude of magazines and book publications around the world.  Timothy moved back to his home town of Kokomo, Indiana and opened up his own high-end shop, The Bohemian Tattoo Club and Art Gallery.

Timothy's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Not only does Timothy Boor wear Sullen Clothing, he has collaborated with them on several occasions. His art work can be found on Sullen T-Shirts, fitted caps, and even a special edition snowboard. While tattooing Timothy uses Fusion Ink and can't get enough of his FK Irons Tattoo Machine. Check out the rest of Timothy and Sullen's duos while browsing more of his favorite supplies here.

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