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Artist Bio profile for Ruben

Born in Guatemala City to a single mother in the midst of a bitter civil war, Ruben sought solace in the arts. Through hard work and determination, Ruben was able to earn academic scholarships all the way through college, where he studied music. Although he is still passionate about music, he discovered that his true talent lay in drawing. From that point forward, Ruben dropped everything to become a tattoo artist. Ruben honed his craft and eventually opened his first shop in 2013 in Antigua, Guatemala.

In 2017, Ruben moved to NYC and a year later opened Graveyard NYC in lower Manhattan. Today, Ruben travels major conventions throughout the United States. Ruben's style incorporates a mix of realism, fine art, pop culture, and abstract surrealism.

Ruben's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

While Ruben is spending the majority of his day tattooing, he is surrounded by some of the best equipment in the business. Ruben is sponsored by PainfulPleasures, Intenze Tattoo Ink, Ink Machines, MD Wipeoutz, and Balm Tattoo AfterCare. You can see all the great supplies Ruben uses to make his pieces great, and check out other products here.

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