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Artist Bio profile for megan

Megan started tattooing after she graduated college and realized sitting behind a computer all day was not for her. She worked hard to get an old school apprenticeship at a shop in the woods in Maine. Those first few years of mopping, making needles, cleaning motorcycles, and all the other glories of being shop bitch, make her appreciate what she has earned even more! She will always be thankful to Adam Gordon and Doug Wood for those years.

Now she is known for my surrealism. She studied realism but likes mixing in more of a story and representing abstract concepts of feelings that go with the story. For example, instead of doing an exact portrait she prefers her work to whisper about who that person is or was to her client. Megan likes trying to capture the complexity of life and feelings.  

She practices both freehand and stenciling as technique. And she tattoos in both black and grey or full color. It all depends on who her client is and what seems to be appropriate for them and their piece.

Megan Jean's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Every artist has their own preferences when it comes to equipment, inks, etc… Megan Jean takes comfort in using Eternal Ink with her FK Iron Machines. Megan Jean is also an avid user of Cheyenne Cartridges and H2Ocean

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