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Artist Bio profile for Matt

Matt Allsman started tattooing when he was only fourteen years old, apprenticing under his father, Ken Allsman. Matt tattooed all through high school and his early adult years, but tattooing wasn't his passion in the beginning. Back then, Matt was a touring musician first and tattooist second. It wasn't until Matt played in a band at an event in Rhode Island, Rock the Ink, that things became very different for him. Being from Nebraska, he has never seen this side of the tattoo industry. Matt happened to run across to the booth of Steve Teft and needed to get a tattoo from him. He was able to meet Bob Tyrel and several of his other idols in the tattoo industry and things began to change. When Matt got home from that tour, everything was different. He started to focus more on his art and less on his guitar. Since then Matt has been going everything in his power to make his mark on this world. Nowadays, Matt hits as many conventions and guest spots as he can while balancing running a shop, maintaining a list of returning clients, still having fun with music and raising a family. From the beginning, one idea would be the cornerstone of what he built these shops on: The idea that we are more than friends, more than colleagues. We are a family; we fight like a family and we stick it through as family should. Matt's greatest influences have always been and will always be the people he works next to. Artistically, Matt places an emphasis on the realistic side of tattooing, while embracing all the different artistic styles of work. Basically, when it comes down to it all, Matt just loves to tattoo. 

Matt's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Matt uses Fusion Ink to keep the color in his pieces bright and vibrant with the help of Formula 51 Ink. He is an avid user of Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, from their machines to their cartridges. Over the years of tattooing, Matt found that Hustle Butter, H2Ocean and Stencil Stuff works best.

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