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Artist Bio profile for Liz

Liz Venom began her journey in the tattoo world in 2011 with a short two-week apprenticeship and has been a self-taught artist ever since. Her favorite tattooing subjects are nature-inspired, including florals, birds, and insects. Liz is heavily influenced by classical botanical artists like Pierre-Joseph Redouté and Igor Levashov. Work is always on Liz’s mind, and she believes a true artist needs to work hard to unlock their potential. While going on hikes, Liz will snap pictures of flowers, birds and leaves to use as an influence in her tattooing. Liz loves to travel and attends as many conventions around the world. You can check out her travel dates and locations on her website. 

Liz's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

While spending her day tattooing flowers and other nature-inspired subjects, Liz relies on her favorite tattoo supplies to make her pieces as vibrant as they can be. Liz uses Fusion Ink along with Precision Needles. To shop for Liz's favorite supplies, head over to our Web store

Please Note: Liz Venom's preferred Fusion tattoo ink is only available in our Wholesale Store, which is for artists and professionals.