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Artist Bio profile for Leidy Tatiana Rubio

Leidy Blue is a piercing artist with over eight years of professional experience. Beginning her career at a shop with the longest trajectory in her native Colombia, she has since developed her portfolio by working in big-name studios located in Bucaramanga, Bogotá, and Cali. She developed her skills through local workshops, hospital courses, books, and educational videos; then, in 2016, she traveled to Mexico City to train with distinguished mentors and members of recognized international body piercing associations. Since then, she has participated in several LBP (Latinamérica Body Piercing) opportunities. Currently, she works as a guest artist in several studios throughout Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, where she brings to the table high-quality body jewelry and education on biosecurity and asepsis.

Want to pierce using Leidy Blue’s favorite supplies? Leidy Blue favors Precision Piercing Needles, Titanium Body Jewelry, Opals, and an Anodizer to produce vibrant and colorful jewelry.

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