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Artist Bio profile for Halo

Halo has been tattooing for almost 10 years. He works primarily in the portrait style area of tattooing, but can make any of your wildest tattoo dreams come true. He loves to do freehand style tattoos; just taking markers and drawing you a one of a kind custom piece directly on your skin before taking a needle to it. He is also a painter and does custom auto airbrushing. He is an outstanding model for anyone looking for a turn your life around for the better approach. He beat the hell out of cancer, just shy of 3 years ago. He was also on season 4 of InkMaster on Spike TV!

Halo's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Halo is proud to use and be a co-owner of SystemOne products. Halo also uses Eternal Ink and Cheyenne Tattoo Machines along with Helios Needles. Halo then uses Saniderm to make sure your tattoo is protected from dirt, germs, and friction. Check out our Web store to view the products Halo uses to enhance his already incredible work.

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