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Artist Bio profile for dee

Dee started tattooing in 2008, under the watchful and skillful eye of Jimmy Mackey owner of Monster Tattoo Studio in Newport, Delaware. Since then he has worked in several studios here in the Baltimore area. Most of his life he was a pencil and charcoal artist that specialized in portraits and all realism. Nowadays he enjoys tattooing in those same realms; black and grey, realism, portraits, photo realism and darker custom images. When he's not tattooing he enjoys drawing and being the best father he can be to his beautiful daughter.

Dee's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Looking at Dee's work it's obvious that he takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work. He uses only the best of the best which includes Intenze Ink, Cheyenne Hawk Machines, and Hawk Needles. Dee always encourages the use of Hustle Buttle Deluxe to his clients after their long days of tattooing. Check out the rest of Dee's favorite tattoo supplies here!

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