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Artist Bio profile for Darwin

Darwin Enriquez entered the world of body art at 20 years of age in his hometown of Valencia, Venezuela, where he began work creating designs for a tattoo shop. During his stint at the tattoo shop, he developed his artistic talents and felt an instant attraction to the art-form of tattooing. His discovery of how skin can also be a canvas on which to translate one’s designs on peaked his interest in pursuing a career path in tattooing. After only one year of tattooing, Darwin was offered the opportunity to work in a professional studio and attend conventions, where he received recognition and awards for his work. From both his experiences at the professional studio and participation at conventions, Darwin felt an even stronger desire to improve and professionalize his art and receive international recognition for his art. Darwin relocation to the capital city, Caracas, where he was hired by one of the most important artists in all of Venezuela. Studying alongside this famed artists led Darwin’s own vision to expand, and ultimately gave him the push he needed to travel abroad and experience different cultures, styles of tattoos, other artists and attend international conventions. Darwin’s recent travels have brought him to Last Rites Tattoo Theatre in the heart of New York City. Being a part of Last Rites Tattoo Theatre has given Darwin the opportunity to work amongst many talented artists at one of the most grand and revered studios in the country. He sees this as an exciting opportunity to work within his preferred aesthetic, the darker style of art, and continue to advance his own personal style and talent in both art-forms of tattooing and painting.

Darwin’s Preferred Tattoo Supplies

Being trained by one of Venezuela’s best tattoo artists, Darwin quickly learned what products work for him and what products don’t. Darwin is an avid user, and also sponsored by, Starbrite inks. Darwin is also an avid user of Cheyenne Hawk Needles, Precision Products, Green Glide, H2Ocean Foam Soap, but he is nothing without his DermaNumb and Stencil Stuff products. To see the products Darwin uses, plus many more, check out our website here.

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