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Artist Bio profile for Amy

Amy C Nicholls is an award-winning tattoo artist, native to Baltimore, Maryland. Her work explores mostly organic themes, i.e. nature, animals, people/faces, and anything that explores storytelling/illustration.

Most of Amy's education came from "The School of Hard Knocks." Currently, she holds little more than a high school diploma. However, art and the study of anything related, has been a lifelong passion. 

Amy did graduate in the top 10% of her highschool: Carver Center for Arts and Technology. (Now, George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology). There, she received her foundation in the arts and graduated in 1999. 

After high school, Amy attended three years at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art). "I was working towards a Bachelors in Illustration. However, I left in 2002... never to finish." 

Professional education was mostly in apprenticeship for Amy. She holds a current license as a master barber, and has been a professional tattoo artist for over a decade. Apprenticeship has been such a formative part of Amy's education that she now co-hosts a podcast about the subject: (The Apprenticeship Diaries)  

 As for publications, Amy has been featured in Tattoo Magazine: October 2015, Issue 314.