Steve Soto

Named a "black and grey wizard" by Inked Magazine, Steve Soto has won hundreds of awards for his work and operates out of his own shop, Goodfellas Tattoo Art and Design Studio in orange, California. He has been tattooing since 2001 when his desire to care for his family and his passion for art drove him to start tattooing full time after an apprenticeship which began as nothing more than a job to get him through school.

Although he never imagined it becoming his full time career, Steve has become a world renowned tattoo artist and has a long list of big name clients. He specializes in black and grey portraits and realistic tattoos.

Steve's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

 To help during the tattooing process he prefers to use Opus Tattoo Gloves and Stencil Stuff. Once the gloves come off and the healing begins Steve is an avid user H2Ocean products to assist in the after care. But of course...what artist wouldn't be complete without their ink? Eternal Ink is Steve's brand of choice. While Eternal Ink keeps his art work fresh... he keeps himself looking fresh with his Sullen Clothing wardrobe. Find all of Steve's favorite supplies here!

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