Ron Russo

Ron began tattooing in 2000. A close friend of his had gone on a long unexpected "vacation", and told Ron he could have all of his machines. Always wanting to be a tattooer from the age of thirteen he decided "Hell it can't be that hard!" After trying to tattoo on his own and hacking up so many friends, he realized there had to be a better way to learn.  He traveled 55 miles every day for 6 months to Images until he finally earned a spot in the shop raking leaves, soon working his way up and finally earning a position to tattoo.

After five years of training in 2005 Ron and his wife Geena opened 570 Tattooing Co. in Wilkes-Barre PA.  Ron has two daughters, Madison, age ten, and Brilee, age four. Being a dad and husband is what keeps him driven to work harder and get further in his tattooing career.

To describe Ron's work it would most likely be considered realism, but with as much dark, and demented twists he can get into each piece he does. Ron  gravitates to horror related pieces over any other subject matter. It is his goal to one day be featured in a horror magazine for his work.

Ron has most recently become known for his work over the past two years.  Winning trophies at every convention he attends. The one he takes most  pride in is the Hell City first place small color tattoo of the day.  Hell City is where most tattooers hope to be allowed to work the show so to receive any recognition there was a great honor for Ron.

Ron's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Every artist has their own preferences when it comes to equpiment, inks, etc... And although Ron could probably use whatever he wanted and still make it look good he takes comfort in using Eternal Inks while rocking his favorite Ink Addict Apparel. His portfolio shown below gives us a shred of insight on how talented he truly is; check out the rest of his favorite supplies here!

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