Rich Pineda

Rich Pineda has been a multi-medium artist for his whole life but only really began tattooing in 2010 under the watchful eye of his friend and mentor, Jeff Cooper. He now works out of one of Jeff Cooper's shops, Liquid Tattoo in Yucca Valley, CA.

Rich has worked on custom art in all kinds of mediums including woodwork, custom car and bike paint jobs. But his ultimate passions boiled down to music and tattooing. His work tends to fall into the category of realism both black and gray and color. He has a lot of experience in portrait work and enjoys tattooing epic scenes or characters from great movies. He is self-taught in all of his art forms and comes from a family and community of artists.

Rich's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

While teaching himself he learned that Eternal Ink was the right ink for him and his master pieces. If you're wondering what else he found that worked best for him then you'll be happy to know he uses a Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine, Opus Tattoo Gloves, Stencil Stuff, and Kwadron Needles while showing off his fashion in his favorite Sullen Clothing. They can all be found here, along with the rest of his favorite tattoo supplies.

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