Jeff Zalesak

From the first time stating "I will make tattoos" at 4 years old to his mother, Jeff Zalesak's dream, focus, and passion have never changed. From school expulsions, skateboards, hand cuffs, relocation, and touring with his bands, he found Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and calls it home. Jeff has been tattooing in the Harrisburg area since 2007, his work has been featured in numerous magazines, and he keeps a regular convention schedule of at least one a month. Check him out at home or on the road. An amazing and passionate artist and all around great dude. Tattooing is his life and he would love to do something on you!

Jeff's Preferred Tattoo Supplies:

Jeff is very well known for his portrait work and couldn't do it without his favorite products from Stencil Stuff. PrepStuff, Spray Stuff, and Redemption organic tattoo lubricant and aftercare. He also uses high quality products from Inkjecta, Cheyenne Tattoo Machine & Needles, Eternal Ink, and Deathless Cords. If you are interested in what sets Jeff's work apart from the rest, check out the tattoo supplies he uses!

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