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Picture and Logo Tongue Rings

Logo Picture Rings

Picture and logo tongue rings are a fun way to show your individuality and show off the things you love. We offer a wide variety of licensed NFL and MLB logo tongue rings, tongue rings with a variety of symbols on them, like smiley faces, hearts, and flowers, fun phrases like "Bad Girl" and "Got Pot?", and many other logo tongue ring options. Our logo tongue ring pictures will give you an idea of the options we carry, but you'll have to click into ones like this tongue barbell that comes with 200+ tongue ring pictures to choose from! Get the image of your choice inlaid on either a 316L stainless steel ball or flat top. We'll send it with a shaft in your choice of length and gauge and a matching 316L stainless steel bottom ball for your tongue ring.

14g 5/8" is a standard size for tongue rings, but we offer a wide variety of lengths, gauges, styles, and materials to ensure that you get the picture logo tongue ring you want in exactly the right size for your tongue. In fact, Painful Pleasures offers one of the world's largest selections of tongue rings, with more gauge-length-style-material combos available than nearly any other body jewelry supplier in the world!

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