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Intenze Bottles & Black Caps - 2015 Update

In 2015, Intenze made the bold new move of introducing new bottles and black caps to enhance the tattoo artist experience when using Intenze Products. In addition to upgrading the bottles and caps, Intenze now offers a 12oz size in both Zuper Black and Intenze Cleanze.

Tattoo Supplies

There are so many different types and brands of tattoo supplies to choose from that it can be overwhelming even for seasoned tattoo artists to figure out which supplies to buy. In this article, we highlight the tattoo supplies that every tattoo artist needs most as well as some of the top brands available to give you a solid overview of your options and help you choose the right tattoo supplies to add to your collection.

Accessories for Coil Tattoo Machines

If you prefer working with coil tattoo machines over rotary machines, then it's important to know what parts and accessories are available to you so that you can get the most out of your machine. We carry a broad range of parts you can use to enhance, fix or even build your own coil tattoo machine--things ranging from machine frames to springs, binding posts to contact screws, special grips to unique replacement coils, and much more. Learn about all the coil tattoo machine parts and accessories available to you in this article...

Tattoo Machine Coil Basics

If you're a coil tattoo machine user, you may think you know everything there is to know about coil machines. But what about the coils themselves? What are they made of and what role do they play in the functioning of your coil tattoo machine? We cover the basics of tattoo machine coils in this informative article for coil tattoo machine users and others who want to understand coil machines better before investing in one...

Stigma Rotary Amen Tattoo Machines

The Amen tattoo machine is an exceptional new machine designed by Stigma-Rotary® that gives tattoo artists unparalleled control while they work. The Amen machine features a new hex drive system that allows tattoo artists to change between three different strokers to alter the motor's cycle. This flexibility allows tattoo artists to choose exactly how much time their tattoo needles spend in the skin versus in the machine's tube during each cycle. Learn more about this state-of-the-art tattoo machine and the Stigma-Rotary® family of products in this article...

Precision Tattoo Supplies

If you're looking for tattoo supplies that will yield great results affordably, then Precision is the brand for you. Precision is a Painful Pleasures brand that encompasses a wide variety of medical and tattoo supplies that you use every day to do your job--things like tattoo needles, tattoo tubes, tips and grips, medical tape, and much more. Learn all about the Precision tattoo supplies we offer and the benefits of each here...

The Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

Learn about the parts of the body where tattooing tends to be most painful and how to minimize your discomfort if you really want to have one of these sensitive areas tattooed. This article also discusses how particular nerves and bones make certain areas of the body the most painful places to get a tattoo.

Proper Post-Modification Clean-up Procedures

Each time you finish a tattoo or piercing, it's important to clean your workspace thoroughly and properly prepare for your next client. In this article, we talk about the four main steps in this clean-up and prep process that will ensure you're ready to do the next modification on your schedule: properly disposing of used supplies, cleaning surfaces in your workspace, cleaning and sterilizing your reusable tools, and prepping your workspace for your next body mod...

Tattoos in a New Era of Social Acceptance

Tattoos have been around nearly as long as man has walked the earth. The equipment used to ink tattoos and tattoo art have only evolved, but public interest in and acceptance of tattoos has waxed and waned over time. For the past few decades, though, tattoo art has metamorphosed into an art form that progressively more people respect and embrace. Read about the evolution of tattoos in society, where we are today, and the future of tattoos in this article, <em>Tattoos in a New Era of Social Acceptance</em>.

Our Take on Tattoo Tape

Did you know that there are 3 primary types of medical tape used in tattoo and piercing shops? Learn what these 3 types are, what sets them apart from each other, and how they're used in the body modification process to maintain a safe, sterile work environment and bandage clients; new mods before they head home...