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Fake Tongue Piercings

Have some fun with a conservative family member, friend or even your coworkers by getting a fake tongue ring to go "in" your fake tongue piercing! A fake tongue ring isn't a ring at all, nor is it a barbell. It's typically just a ball that's about the same size as the balls on a standard tongue barbell, but you can suction the fake tongue ring to the top-center of your tongue to make it appear as though your tongue is pierced. You can use a fake tongue ring to play a joke on someone, making them think your tongue is really pierced when it isn't!

Tongue piercings are the international symbol for sexy divas and true players alike, so a fake tongue piercing is also a fun way to sexify your wardrobe when you're going out on the town. This is a great option if you have a job where such body piercings aren't allowed or you aren't a candidate to have your tongue pierced. Just pop on a dental-grade acrylic fake tongue piercing ball to look like you have the real deal and feel H-O-T!

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