Nipple Piercings: Nipple Rings, Aftercare & More

Whether you've decided to have your nipples pierced soon or already have pierced nipples, congratulations! This is a sexy, fun type of piercing that can increase sensitivity and excite your partner. Plus, with tons of cute nipple rings available, you'll have a blast shopping for nipple jewelry!


Nipple Piercing Aftercare & Healing ProcessRecovery Piercing Aftercare Spray - Purified Saline Wash Solution

Nipple piercings can take anywhere from 9 months to a year to fully heal. During that time, it's incredibly important to baby your nipples, keep them clean, and avoid rough play in the bedroom.

First things first, make sure you have the right nipple jewelry. You may want to start out with straight barbells, since they'll put less pressure on the delicate, healing fistulas (i.e. holes where you were pierced) than things like captive bead rings. Just make sure the balls sit comfortably on either side of each nipple; if they're pressing in, it can cause necrosis (i.e. tissue death), but nipple jewelry that's too long can get caught on clothing and cause other problems like tears. In terms of size, you'll need to have your piercer fit you with a barbell in an appropriate length based on your nipple size. The gauge should be 14g or 12g to start, although you may stretch later, once you're fully healed. Anything smaller than 14g can lead to the "cheese cutter effect", where your jewelry slowly migrates out.

Next, be sure to keep up with your aftercare! You should be spritzing with a cleanser like Recovery Purified Saline Wash or H2Ocean 2-3 times per day for at least the first 4-6 weeks to keep the fistulas flushed and help loosen up crusties. Crusties are a natural part of the piercing healing process; that's just lymph, a clear fluid that your healing piercings excrete that dries to a whitish crust. Don't turn your jewelry or slide it side-to-side to break up the crusties! It's always better to soften them with warm water in the shower or saline solution before wiping them away with a clean cotton ball or swab. Avoid soaping up your piercings directly.

If you'd prefer to make your own cleansing solution, mix 1/4 tsp. sea salt in 1 cup boiled-then-cooled water, then apply it either with a series of clean cotton balls or by dipping each nipple in the solution for a few minutes. If your skin is dry, you can add a couple drops of tea tree oil to your sea salt solution to moisturize your skin. Tea tree oil is also a natural antiseptic that will aid in the healing process. Do not apply oils, creams or balms to your nipple piercings directly, though. Those things can clog the healing fistulas, trapping in bacteria and potentially leading to infection, or at a minimum, prolonging the healing process.

Unless you're having an allergic reaction to your jewelry, you should wait at least 6-9 months to change it, and then leave it alone until you're fully healed. If you have to change your jewelry sooner, get your piercer to help you and consider materials like stainless steel and titanium that are inert and less likely to trigger allergic reactions.

If at any point you suspect you have an infected nipple piercing, look for signs of redness (particularly streaky red), a thick, yellowish, pus-like discharge, and fever. If you have these symptoms, see your doctor about getting on an antibiotic. You don't necessarily have to take your nipple rings out while being treated; just keep up with the aftercare regime outlined above, and you should heal well. If you do decide to take out your nipple rings, continue cleansing with sea salt solution until the fistulas have fully closed.


Nipple Rings With Dangling Stars - Dangle Nipple RingsNipple Rings

Heart Nipple Shield for Pierced Nipples

We carry a large selection of body jewelry that can be worn as nipple rings. Click on any of the jewelry styles listed below to start shopping for nipple rings now.

All Nipple Rings and Nipple Shields

This section showcases our entire selection of nipple jewelry. You can go through page-by-page or select a subcategory like "Nipple Shields" to see a specific type of jewelry. 

Captive Bead Rings for Nipple Piercings - Nipple Rings

Captive Bead Rings 

These are a nice alternative to straight barbells, but they're more likely to show through clothing--especially for guys. Women can get away with different types of nipple jewelry in professional and other more conservative environments thanks to padded bras. Captive rings are not ideal for new nipple piercings that are still healing, because they can put downard pressure on the healing fistulas (holes where you were pierced) and sometimes cause migration or rejection.

Circular Barbell With Skulls - Skull Horseshoe BarbellCircular Barbells / Horseshoe Barbells

These are a great alternative to captive bead rings, but like captive rings, they're not ideal starter nipple piercing jewelry. Circular barbells are U-shaped; they hang with the center of the U through the nipple and the arms of the U facing downward. 

D-Rings D-Rings for Nipple Piercings - Nipple Rings

A D-ring is kind of a cross between a straight barbell and a captive bead ring. The part that goes through the fistula is straight, but the exposted part of the ring is curved. If you find straight barbells to be more comfortable in your nipple piercings but like the look of captive bead rings, then D-rings are the perfect nipple jewelry for you.

If you desperately want to wear some type of rings as your starter nipple jewelry rather than a straight barbell, D-rings will put a little less pressure on your delicate, healing fistulas than captive rings or circular barbell would.

Straight Barbells for Nipple Piercings - Nipple JewelryStraight Barbells 

Internally-threaded titanium straight barbells are often the best starter nipple piercing jewelry. Straight barbells don't put downward pressure on your healing fistulas, titanium is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than any other metal, and internal threads won't scrape your fistulas like externally-threaded barbells can on insertion. If you want some serious nipple bling to wear with your straight barbells once your piercings heal, check out our nipple shields.

Bent Barbells - Curved Barbells for Nipple Piercings

Bent Barbells 

Some people find that bent barbells suit their anatomy better than straight barbells. You can turn a bent barbell so that the balls on either end of the curve face your chest and work with the natural curve of your breast.

Seamless Rings for Nipple Piercings - Nipple RingsSeamless Rings

Our ornate seamless rings are the perfect example of beautiful nipple jewelry that you'll find outside of our Nipple Rings section. They're labeled as being for septum or ear piercings, but they make great nipple piercing jewelry when you're looking for extra sparkle but don't want to wear nipple shields. Seamless rings are easy to insert, too; just bend the ring slightly at the gap to widen it, insert it, and squeeze it shut again.

Tip: If you have trouble inserting a nipple ring yourself, you can put a tiny drop of water-based lubricant on the side of your nipple and the end of the barbell. Too much lubricant will make your jewelry completely unmanageable and impossible to insert, so be very conservative with it!


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