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Nipple Jewelry

Painful Pleasures carries more than 100 styles of jewelry specifically for nipple piercings, including nipple shields, barbells with and without dangles, and other nipple jewelry. We also offer a selection of other body jewelry that can be used as nipple rings, like captive bead rings, straight barbells, and even bent barbells.

When selecting new nipple jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size: The diameter or length of the nipple piercing jewelry you choose will depend in large part on the size of your nipples. If you're wearing straight barbells, you need jewelry that's just long enough that the balls don't press on either side of your nipples, which can cause necrosis (tissue death). You don't want them to be so long that they're constantly catching on your clothing and pulling at your delicate fistulas (i.e. holes where you were pierced), though. If you're wearing captive bead rings, keep the diameter reasonable so that the jewelry isn't in your way or showing through your clothing... unless you want it to!

    The gauge is also very important. Typically, nipple piercings are done at 14g or 12g, because smaller gauge barbells can lead to migration/rejection.
  • Material: Those with metal allergies are best off getting stainless steel or titanium nipple jewelry. If you don't have a sensitivity to certain materials, though, you can choose from acrylic, gold, silver, PTFE, and other types of nipple piercing jewelry, too.
  • Style: When nipple piercings are fresh, straight barbells make the best type of nipple jewelry because they put less pressure on the healing fistulas. Later, you might consider switching to a captive bead ring or bent barbell, though.

Ready to start shopping for nipple rings? Check out these pages on our site, where you'll find one of the world's largest selections of length, gauge and style combos from which to choose your new nipple jewelry:

Interested in seeing nipple piercing pictures to get some ideas for new nipple jewelry you could try? Check out the Nipple Piercings sections in our photo gallery: