About us

Painful Pleasures was founded in 1999 with the goal to provide the widest variety of tattoo supplies, piercing supplies, and body jewelry in the world. Over the past 14 years, the Painful Pleasures brand and vision have evolved as we've worked towards that goal. Meant to be a one-stop shop for Tattoo Artists and Piercers as well as the leading provider of body jewelry with the largest selection available online, Painful Pleasures now offers more than 8,000 products with over a million variations and strives to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Here's the Painful Pleasures' vision:

PainfulPleasures.com will be the go-to online store for:

  • Tattoo Artists and Piercers around the world who are continuing to branch out and looking for the most innovative and widest selection of tools in the industry
  • People exploring the world of piercings and tattoos who are looking for the widest selection of body jewelry, aftercare products, and other solutions to meet their needs
  • Artists, Piercers, and the general public who want to buy from the store with the best selection and the best customer service

We believe that our customers' experience plays a large role in whether they will shop with us in the future. That's why we have put a lot of emphasis on making sure our items are delivered on time and we respond to every customer request. In order to do that, we keep our entire inventory at our warehouse in Hanover, MD, and keep our stock and inventory updated.

Painful Pleasures looks forward to the future and evolution of the tattoo and body piercing industry, and to providing our customers with the best product selection and customer service.

Meet Our Staff

Marc Gagnier - Chief Executive Officer

Marc started Painful Pleasures in 1999 with a vision to provide the best quality and widest variety of tattoo supplies, piercing supplies and body jewelry in the world. Over time, Marc has steadily built his reputation and his name, gained trust, and increased his visibility in the industry. In 2003, he decided to focus and work full time on Painful Pleasures, and that’s when it really took off. He hired his first three employees, and after continued success and growth, the three employees and Marc moved to a new warehouse in 2005 and then to a larger warehouse in Hanover, MD, in 2011, where the company is currently located.

Michelle Gagnier - Vice President of Retail

Michelle is in charge of making sure that the Retail Business is running smoothly and that all orders are processed and out the door on time! Michelle started with Painful Pleasures in 2003 and never imagined she would be in charge of a division and managing and supervising several employees in less than 10 years. Michelle is a valuable asset to the Retail Division and continues to strive towards perfection and excellence.

Melissa Gagnier-Solis - Chief Operating Officer

Melissa’s main role as Chief Operating Officer is to maintain and ensure the efficiency of business operations at Painful Pleasures. She joined the Painful Pleasures team in 2011 to foster a positive staff culture, develop internal controls, introduce new software systems, and develop the overall Painful Pleasures’ business strategy.

Sutha Kathir - IT Director

Sutha is the brain of Painful Pleasures. He has been the site’s engineer since 2003 and has kept Painful Pleasures’ websites running with very few glitches and interruptions along the way. Sutha works to keep Painful Pleasures in-line with and often ahead of the tattoo and piercing e-commerce industry, continuously recommending the most up-to-date technologies and innovations to keep Painful Pleasures abreast as the industry and technology evolve and change.

Javier Calixto Maidana - Latin American Consultant

Renee Godfrey - Custom Order Specialist and Inventory Manager

Renee started at Painful Pleasures in 2008, and through her diligent work ethic has grown into the position of Custom Order Specialist and Inventory Manager. Renee is one of our friendliest staff on board and looks forward to helping and talking to you about any custom item you may need!

Colleen Day - Shipping Manager

Colleen, our Shipping Manager, is in charge of your wholesale and distributor shipments leaving the warehouse successfully. She started at Painful Pleasures in 2008, and her meticulous and detail- oriented work ethic played a significant role in the success of the shipping and receiving of all products. Let’s face it, the products are the backbone of Painful Pleasures, and without Colleen they would be left in limbo!

Crystal Howard and Judy Galvez - Warehouse Managers

Crystal & Judy are powerhouses in the warehouse.  They ensure that everyone is doing their job on a daily basis, people are performing, are productive and your orders get shipped out accurately.

Crystal Jett - Channel Advisor Manager

Crystal started working at Painful Pleasures in 2012 as an Order Fulfillment Specialist. After building up her knowledge and skills, Crystal moved into role of Channel Advisor Manager, managing all orders taken through outside marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon. Crystal continues to be an asset as she grows in her Role at Painful Pleasures.

Judy, Teresa, and Lindsey - Customer Service Representatives

When you give us a call, you’ll most likely be talking to Judy, Teresa or Nikki.  They have demonstrated their strengths in communication, even in the most difficult of situations.

Order Fulfillment Specialists

Painful Pleasures’ Order Fulfillment Specialists work hard to fulfill orders and deliver each and every customer their packages timely and accurately. They have a desire and drive to learn about the industry and succeed in their roles as OFS’s. They are a vital asset to Painful Pleasures. Without them, your jewelry, tattoo supplies and piercing supplies would be sitting on our shelves with no hands to carefully pack them and send them your way.